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We were a leading rail fastening system provider in the PRC in terms of revenue for the year ended December 31, 2015 accounting for approximately 17.1% of the rail fastening system market in the PRC. We have over 10 years of experience in supplying rail fastening systems to the PRC railway industry. Our rail fastening systems have a nationwide coverage ...

WJ-7 fastening system
WJ-8 fastening system
Spring bar IV fastening system
Spring bar V fastening system

High speed rail tracks generally rely on the rail fastening systems to adjust the precisions of the ballastless tracks. Our high speed rail fastening system products coordinate the safe and efficient operation of the high speed ...

High speed rail fastening system products

DT-III fastening system
DT-VI2 fastening system
WJ-2 fastening system
Double layer non-linear...

Metro systems require rail fastening system products of high elasticity in order to satisfy the needs of underground rails and elevated rails. Our metro series products include DT-VI2 fastening system, DT-III fastening system...

Metro series products

Spring bar III fastening system
Spring bar II fastening system
Spring bar I fastening system

Our traditional track series products include Spring bar I fastening system, Spring bar II fastening system and Spring bar III fastening system, which are widely used in low speed passenger or freight transportation. Our traditional...

Traditional track series products

WJ-12 fastening system
Spring bar VII fastening system
Spring bar VI fastening system

Our heavy haul railway series products mainly include Spring bar VI fastening system, Spring bar VII fastening system and WJ-12 fastening system. Heavy haul railway series products series products are currently at a testing stage...

Heavy haul railway series products


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